How Much Can You Make On BIGO Live?


How Much Can You Make On BIGO Live?

You’ve been searching about information on becoming a host on BIGO Live, and now you decided it was time to get down to business. So lets answer one of the most important questions about becoming a host on BIGO Live. How much money can you actually make? This question can’t be answered simply. Hosts can make between $640 per month all the way up to $24,000 per month plus bonuses. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding how much money a host can make as a live streaming broadcaster.

The first thing to consider, is how much effort are you willing to put in? In the United States and Canada region, the minimum numbers of hours you must broadcast as an official host is 30 hours per month. This is just the very bear minimum. Most of the top and most successful broadcasters regularly stream upwards of 50 or more hours per month. The more you stream, the more opportunity you have to earn.

As you stream more, and earn more fans, you have the opportunity to be gifted more, and receive even more beans. There are two types of streamers. You have the Official Host where you get paid a salary for reaching monthly targets. Then you also have the non-host streaming broadcaster. Non-hosts can still make money, but you don’t earn the salary. The upside is that you don’t have to worry about monthly minimum requirements. Every 210 beans you receive, is worth about $1 USD, so even as a non-host, you have the opportunity to earn money by going live.

The real money comes by being an official host. To become an official host, you need to go through an audition. There are other articles about that topic on this site. Once you become an official host, you have the opportunity to get a salary based on your performance. By earning 40,000 beans in a month, you will receive a salary of $640. If you receive 3,000,000 beans in a month, the payout becomes $24,000. The following chart breaks down the hours and beans requirements for each tier, as well as the payout you will receive for reaching each target.

US/ Canada BIGO Live Tier Chart (updated October 2020)

BIGO Live US / CA paychart 2021

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