How To Gamble Successfully On BIGO


How To Gamble Successfully On BIGO

If you’ve done any gambling in a casino, or if you’ve played any of the gambling games on BIGO, you may have a few good strategies on how to win. I have been playing gambling games on BIGO since 2019, and I have had much success playing games like Lucky Purchase, Greedy BIGO, Yummy BIGO, and sending the gambling gifts like Bells, Bombs, Gold Bags, Pink Diamonds, and Sky Wheels. I have tactics that have worked time and time again, and I am going to share those with you so you can find some success too in these strategies.

Burning Your Losses

With any gambling game, the house always wins. You’ve been taught this time and time and time again. The edge always favors the house, and you need to play your percentages and your patterns. This is true with BIGO gambling games as well. I use a strategy that I like to call “burning your losses” and it is a good strategy to play with any kind of gambling, for the most part. You are going to lose most of your bets, that’s just how it goes. So wouldn’t you rather be betting low when those losses hit? What I will do is initiate the gambling. What I mean is I will start throwing the gifts that I want to gamble with. For example I might start by throwing one Gold Bag and watching to see if it hits. Anything equal to value as the cost, is considered a win to me. Anything that returns zero or less than the cost of the bet is a loss to me.

So I will throw the first Gold Bag and watch to see if it hits. If it hits, I will send another one Gold Bag. In this scenario I am actually HOPING to lose. I want to capture a few losses in a row. Maybe it’s two losses, maybe its three losses, maybe it’s even four losses in a row. After I see a pattern of losses in a row, then I will increase my bet and swing for the fences. I might send 10 Gold Bags or even 99 Gold Bags. Having lost so many in a row, I feel like the probability is in my favor that I am going to at least return my bet or even win more than the amount I spent. After I have won back on a large send like 10 Gold Bags or 99 Gold Bags, I will immediately lower my bet back down to one Gold Bag or 10 Gold Bags from 99 Gold Bags. Then I will repeat the process if I want to.

This is in hopes that while I am losing, I am only betting a small amount while I lose, and I’m betting bigger when I sense a pattern that would favor me in winning. This same strategy works on Yummy BIGO as well. I will choose to start low and bet a small amount, in hopes that I am going to break even or lose. Then when I sense a pattern of losses in a row, I will increase my bet by a large amount and hope for a big win. These big wins are where you recover most of your losses.

Lucky Purchase Gifts

What I like to do here, is only have as many diamonds as the largest conversion amount. Currently, that means converting 9800 diamonds yields you a conversion of 2850 diamonds. I will write the number 2850 on a piece of paper to keep track of my cost. Then I will go into Lucky Purchase and look at the available gifts. I am looking for gifts that are between 33% and 66% of shares purchased. Once I have identified a gift that is within this range, I will go in and buy 10% of the shares of that gift. For example, if the gift has a value of 9999, then I will only bet a total of 999 diamonds toward winning that prize. You can buy those shares all at one if you’d like, but what I like to do is cover as much of the area between 33% and 66% that I can with that 999 diamonds.

I might buy 100 at first then wait for others to buy some more shares. Then I’ll buy another 100 shares of the gift. Then I’ll wait and maybe I’ll send 150 shares of the prize. I will do this until I have spent no more than 999 shares of that particular gift. The key is to spread that out over as much surface area of the available shares as possible. While you are waiting for people to buy shares of the gift you are seeking, you might be looking to employ this same strategy on other gifts in the meantime. Maybe I’ll watch one of the 999 diamond gifts, and I will spend no more than 99 diamonds on one of those gifts. This is to stay below at that 10% threshold. Once I’ve done that, I’ll go back and watch the status of the other gifts I’ve bid on.

Once I’ve won one of the gifts, I will mark that gift down on my sheet of paper. For example, I put 2850 diamonds into the purchasing of the gifts and maybe I won a 999 gift, a 1500 diamond gift, a 9999 gift, and a bunch of 100 diamond or 200 diamond gifts. After I have spent all of the diamonds, I will compare the gifts I’ve won against the amount I’ve spent, and more often than not I will have earned a positive return on my gambling.

I’ll make changes to this and update this again as time goes on. I have a bunch of other strategies that I’d like to inform you about and I think I am an excellent person to share these theories with you. They aren’t going to work every time, but for me they have worked out more often than not. For now, I hope these tactics are helpful to you. If you’re interested in becoming an official host on BIGO and using your BIGO Salary beans toward your gambling habits, please do not hesitate to reach out to me to set up an official Host audition.