How To Stream On BIGO Live

How To Stream Live On BIGO Live

This is how it’s done

Streaming Live

You will need to download the BIGO Live App in order to start live streaming your most exciting moments. When you go live you will entertain and engage with your audience. Ask them how their day was. Share a story about your life. Sing your favorite songs. Entertain and give your fans a tremendous performance. Give your viewers a reason to keep coming back!

Rewarding Broadcasters

Users come to BIGO Live to watch entertaining content and to make friends and to socialize with their favorite internet celebrities. They will support their favorite broadcasters by sending them in-app gifts which they can purchase in the app store for a cost. Collect as many of these gifts from your fans and earn a fantastic payout by BIGO Live every month!

Getting Banned

BIGO Live is a platform that promotes positive and healthy content for its users. Avoid getting banned by not smoking, drinking, or gambling during your broadcasts. Guns, weapons, and drugs are also prohibited. Overly sexual content, including deep cleavage, and moaning will be banned. Please keep your live stream as healthy and wholesome as possible, regardless of what broadcasters in other regions may be displaying or promoting. Please do not promote other live streaming apps, including TikTok. Avoid violence and hate speech.

Passing An Audition

Please make sure to attend your audition at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time, and stay live for at least 30 minutes. Do not stream from a vehicle, regardless of whether or not you are actually driving. Please make sure to have high quality lighting, and a strong internet connection. Do not hold your phone. Please make sure your phone is free standing, either using a mount or propping it against a solid object. Engage with your audience when they comment in the chat. Have an idea of your content before you begin. Make sure to be confident and lead the stream as the host.