RSquared Talent


RSquared Talent

If you’re looking for a top BIGO Live agency to help you become a host, look no further than our BIGO Live Agency partner, RSquared Talent. RSquared Talent has been an industry leader for over two years, bringing many talented and inspiring hosts to the platform since 2019. Becoming an official host is very easy, and there is no costs required. Just follow these steps.

Step One:
Fill out an application on RSquared Talent’s website.

Step Two:
RSquared Talent will require your Bigo User ID to Arrange a Live Interview.

Step Three:
Schedule Interview Date & Time with RSquared Talent for audition.

Step Four:
Go live at audition time.

Step Five:
Engage and entertain your audience for 30 minutes.

Step Six:
After your audition, RSquared Talent will notify you whether you passed or failed.

Step Seven:
Once you get selected you will be added to the group chats and get scheduled for training.

Congratulations, you are now an official BIGO host!

For more information and to ask questions, please reach out to RSquared Talent on their website,